We want you to embrace the Bluff City with open arms as we believe Memphis is THE premier place in the country to both enjoy and invest your life, whether it's for 2 days or a lifetime. Serve901 will give you a glimpse of the city that is name dropped in songs more than any other!
Now Accepting Trip Requests for 2016


Some groups are simply looking for place to lay out some sleeping bags and others prefer to stay in hotels.  Serve901 will pair you with the best situation for your group.

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We want you to serve and enjoy good BBQ, but also want to give you some background on the city of Memphis. There are timeless lessons to learn from her history.

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Serve901 partners with local non-profits, churches and schools to serve communities all around the city.  Trips are customizable and can be more labor intensive or more relationally focused.

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From Graceland & the Grizzlies to the Zoo & BBQ, Memphis has so much to offer–you won’t be able to do it all in a week. Plan to work hard and play hard.

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We partner with local organizations to coordinate projects: painting, cleaning, building, serving meals, playing games with youth, or simply having conversations with those in the midst of great need. Those we serve often include elementary school children, single mothers, refugees, the homeless, and the elderly. Our projects are as varied as our volunteers and the neighborhoods they serve. The best part is we can tailor your trip to maximize your group’s strengths and passions.
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Our hope is that you not only get your hands dirty, but that you learn and glean from Memphis's story, the interaction with locals, and the experiences you have serving. Some specific learning opportunities include:

  • History901 - we tell the story of Memphis and show your group how they fit into the present initiatives working towards our city’s future
  • Racial Reconciliation Panel - a locally led discussion about the love and hate between men; a conversation that we want Memphis to take lead in sharing to our nation.
  • Touring the National Civil Rights Museum - a must visit museum that best tells the story of the Civil Rights movement; this compelling experience could reshape how you view justice and love.
  • Memphis Narratives - we bring local leaders from different sectors, ie: nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders, to engage with your group to learn even more about the city!

University of Northern Iowa’s Threehouse Serves Memphis After Spring Graduation

We had the pleasure to host a group of Panthers from the Northern Iowa to Memphis last week! The crew from Threehouse, a Wesley Foundation served with Junior Achievement‘s BizTown, Knowledge Quest‘s Green Leaf Farm, and did some painting at Living Hope Vollintine Evergreen Church!

They had good leadership as they operated with the normal advice we give to …

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The Value of Volunteer Time

A new report has been released that shows that the estimated value of a volunteer hour in the United States is $23.56 per hour. These numbers were indexed this month by the 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics data, and we are astounded at seeing what a big impact hundreds of college students have made!

We’ve tallied up our volunteer hours to date since August 1, and Serve901 participants have volunteered …

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Q&A: Serena Herman (UMSL) Reflects on Spring Break in Memphis

During week 5 of Serve901’s 6-Week Spring Break run, we had the chance to host 11 students from the University of Missouri at St. Louis. The students are part of a student organization called “Students of Service” and they are led by an alum of the University of Memphis!

We took a moment to hear from Serena Herman about her experience in Memphis with Serve901:

Serve901: What did you know …

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Justice in Memphis : Brittany Church on the March Serve901 Panel Discussions

Throughout the last four weeks, nearly every conversation I’ve had with a friend or family member has included the phrase, “At this Serve901 panel I went to the other night….” From there, I recount some mind-blowing statistic or brilliant insight offered by one of the 14 Memphians chosen by the Serve901 team to share their expertise with a room full of captivated college students and community members. Over the course …

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Relive Week 3 of Serve901 Spring Break 2016: Bama, Howard, TX, OK etc.

For our third week of spring break, we had collegians fresh off winning the National Championship from Alabama as well as Hawkeyes and Bison. We also had high schoolers from Oklahoma and Texas come serve the the great city of Memphis. Our groups served New Hope Christian Academy’s Urban Forest, Neighborhood Christian Center’s Spring Jam, World Relief’s Spring Donation Drive, and Landmark Training Development’s …

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Relive Week 2 of Spring Break 2016: MSU, GC, LC, PSU, UT, BU, & CU

In our biggest week ever (as far as # of groups hosted at once), we had a blast! Big Ten rivals Michigan State Spartans and Penn State Nittany Lions played nice and engaged Memphis together. Toledo Rockets, Geneva Golden Tornadoes, and Creighton Blue Jays flew to town. Educators from Lyon College crossed the Mississippi River to see the Ed Reform in Memphis.

Together our new friends invested over 1500 volunteer hours in the …

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University of Michigan Biomedical Engineers Kicks off Serve901 Spring Break 2016 Trips

Serve901’s hosting trips from all over the United States this upcoming map, to see a graphic of the complete list go here. Next week sees multiple trips but the packed month got kicked off this week with one very special group of Biomedical Engineering students from the University of Michigan. They have been living the Choose901 mission that Memphis is a premier destination for millennials to …

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Come Alongside Serve901 to Discuss Social Justice

As Serve901 prepares to host more than 20 groups over the six weeks of spring break, we are excited to announce three events that the local Memphis Community can attend! We are curating panel discussions that will feature Memphis leaders to talk about various issues that face our community and how people are running straight towards issues rather than complaining or inaction.

We would love for you to pick a panel (or two…maybe …

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Wisconsin Badger Maddie Kusick Serves901 Over Winter Break

The following is a guest blog by University of Wisconsin – Madison Student, Maddie Kusick. Maddie traveled with nine other Badgers to Memphis in January 2016 for a Serve901 Winter Break Service Trip. See their trip recap HERE. Read her reflection on her time with us:

Our group had the opportunity to volunteer for two days with Friends For Life (FFL). FFL is an organization that educates people …

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St. George’s & Serve901 Establish Partnership Through Bunkhouse

We are excited to announce that a new partnership is forging between City Leadership and St. George’s Independent School (SGIS). Serve901, being an initiative of City Leadership, will have its own housing space soon, which is exciting news for those who have come through Serve901 over the past ten years.

Below is both a quote from the Head of School at SGIS and the press release about this new partnership.

“I …

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  • Through creativity, innovation, and hard work, Memphis changes the world.

    David Montague, Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR)
  • I'll stay in Memphis

    Elvis Presley
  • Our college students go to Memphis thinking they are going to give away their spring break blessing others but come back ridiculous blessed by how much they received from the many experiences that radically shift their paradigm for gospel-centered lifestyles.

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Hill Country Bible Church - Austin, TX)
  • This trip not only was extremely enjoyable. but it changed my outlook on my life as well as my passion for what I believe in as well as what drives me. It's crazy to think I could change so much in seven days but it felt almost like seven years of experience. I'm so grateful for this trip!

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Walters State BCM - Morristown, TN)
  • Volunteering with Serve901 was one of the best service experiences I have ever had! It was not only a wonderful way to get a full experience of Memphis, but it also allowed us the chance to be a part of the community here. Working alongside a community of people who love their city and want to make it even better was a life-changing experience. I will never be the same!

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Silver Lake College - Manitowoc, WI)
  • Serve901 made it easy to serve while enjoying the city of Memphis!

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Walters State BCM - Morristown, TN)
  • Serve901 was one of the better mission trips we have taken. We never did the same thing in two consecutive days and this gave us a wide range of mission opportunities which exposed our students to a wider array of ministry in the Memphis area. I hope we can return sometime in the future.

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Walters State BCM - Morristown, TN)
  • Serve901 did an excellent job at helping us understand Memphis and what important aspects Memphis has to neighboring communities. I would highly recommend volunteering in Memphis because it is an experience you will never forget.

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Silver Lake College - Manitowoc, WI)
  • Serve901 allowed our group to truly experience Memphis in a dramatic and diverse ways. Our group was able to serve men, women, and children of all ages through the various different service options. The reflection and talk on racism greatly impacted our group and allowed for frank and honest conversations between students who normally don't interact with each other. Even a week after returning from the trip, I personally am still processing the things I've learned and have a lot to continue to reflect upon.

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Silver Lake College - Manitowoc, WI)
  • Serve901 is intentional about connecting organizations and ministries in the Memphis area with effective volunteers. They also provide volunteers with many opportunities to not only serve but to learn about the issues and successes of Memphis as a city.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Southeast Missouri Gamma Sigma Sigma - Cape Girardeau, MO)
  • This is a unique organization that connects you to all parts of Memphis through many different avenues. They are aware of the city's needs and fill them.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Redeemer Church - Lubbock, TX)
  • Serve901 is an excellent organization to work with and they love on you well! They listened to my goals for the trip and went above and beyond in accomplishing them!

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Redeemer Church - Lubbock, TX)
  • They were really great about allowing us to not only serve Memphis, but they did a wonderful job at getting people from around the community to talk about Memphis and what we could do to help!

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Redeemer Church - Lubbock, TX)
  • Solid organization that seeks to more effectively love and bless Memphis through the strategic collaboration of volunteers and other existing city non-profits organizations. Definitely recommend Serve901!

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Redeemer Church - Lubbock, TX)
  • Serve901 is the best group I have ever worked with on a mission trip. Jeff was constantly by our sides engaging in our group and being intentional with us. We were provided ample amounts of ways to serve, which is what we wanted! There's no way we could have served as many organizations/ministries as we did without Serve901. We were so impressed and would highly recommend anyone to get plugged in with them! Wreck em'!!

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Redeemer Church - Lubbock, TX)
  • Serve901 is where you learn to appreciate life and use your ability to give and make a difference in the world.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Silver Lake College - Manitowoc, WI)
  • It is completely a vivid experience. With Serve901 you get to know, love, and understand the place where you serve.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (University of Ozarks BCM - Clarksville, AR)
  • Because they partner with so many organizations throughout the city, volunteers get a broad view and are able to help in many different ways.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (UAB Cru - Birmingham, AL)
  • It is a rewarding and valuable experience to be part of. You learn, help, and have fun at the same time.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (University of the Ozarks BCM - Clarksville, AR)
  • Serve901 made it possible to participate with many missions that are impacting the city. It would have taken us forever to do the prep they did for us.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Miami Navigators - Oxford, OH)
  • Serve901 worked with us to create a unique program designed to allow our students to engage in the issues they were interested in. The program went better than I could have hoped for. Our students were engaged and excited; they asked thoughtful questions, had keen insights, and thoroughly enjoyed their entire week in Memphis. We can't thank Serve 901 enough for their efforts and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to provide a service-learning trip. We had a blast!

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Northwestern University International Office - Evanston, IL)
  • This was a great experience for our high school teens. They got to interact with a variety of people and work in a variety of settings. I think we all learned a lot.

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Park Chapel Christian Church - Greenfield, IN)
  • I am so appreciative and excited for the work Serve901 is doing. They are passionate about showing you the real Memphis and the people who love, serve, and live in the city. Serve901 worked hard to make our trip memorable; creating lasting friendships, a heart for the city of Memphis, and a greater appreciation for God's passion to reach people. We will definitely be back!

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Miami Navigators - Oxford, OH)
  • Serve901 provided our students with an engaging and fun experience that created an awareness of the variety of service opportunities they could engage with in a community. The ease of planning, quality of programming, and callings it inspired in our students makes Serve901 something I would recommend to any student ministry.

    Serve901 Trip Leader (Kennesaw State Wesley Foundation - Kennesaw, GA)
  • Serve901 gave us the chance to experience so many aspects of Memphis, not just one part. It's difficult to pick a favorite because we never did the same thing on any given day.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Kennesaw State Wesley Foundation - Kennesaw, GA)
  • Serve901 was great working with our group. We were given background information on Memphis so we knew the community we were coming into. Great service opportunities and wonderful speakers on relevant social justice issues.

    Serve901 Trip Participant (Silver Lake College - Manitowoc, WI)


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